Interview time!interview

Patrick‘s letter drew the Queen‘s attention and she wanted to know more about him.

She asked Miss B to interview him to get to know him better.
Listen and collect information (name / age / place of birth / family status / family / pets / hobbies / personality / job on board)

You have been pre-selected too!! Congratulations! So now get ready for YOUR interview!


Review the adjectives of personality16702291-set-of-doodle-characters-with-different-personalities-Stock-Vector

and be able to present yourself

( I am quite …, I am not… at all…).




Click on the image and do ALL the exercises (Review / Match up / Fill in / Dictation)







Don’t forget! thinking-smiley

You will be asked what role you want to have on board…

Start thinking about it!

 Hurray! You have been selected!!



Time to head to Portsmouth via London!



You’ve arrived in London… Take a train to Portsmouth.